Residential Commons provide the foundation for the SMU community of scholars: faculty, staff, students, the community of Dallas and beyond. Each Residential Commons values community, growth, diversity, and curiosity, as we exchange ideas formally and informally, pursue self- discovery, and contribute to the world around us. We seek and develop self-motivated, open- minded, lifelong learners.



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“All Mustangs Will Be Valued” is a commitment to inclusiveness by the SMU community-at-large. In Loyd Commons we believe that all residents, faculty, and staff matter and have PURPOSE. We commit to acknowledging and respecting both the value of and the values held by individuals in our community and beyond. In Loyd, it is our RESPONSIBILITY to be inclusive of all. While it is difficult to impose acceptance onto others, we attempt to achieve inclusivity through understanding of each other. Our appreciation of diversity is demonstrated through the CREATIVE initiatives that we plan and implement. We, the people of Loyd, believe that actions speak louder than words and we encourage our community to get involved, share their unique individualities, and make lifelong FRIENDSHIPS. We recognize that our representation of diversity is an ongoing quest, and we continuously seek improvement through GROWTH. As Loydians, we strive to contribute to and model tolerance and inclusivity in campus community living. We hope to set the precedent for those who will populate both our community and the greater campus community after us.