Joining a committee is the easiest way to get involved in Loyd Commons. You can apply for a chair of a specific task OR just be a general member!

Any Loyd member is able to join a committee and take an active role in how the community is shaped and developed. There are five committees from which to choose and each are based on one of the five Loyd Values. Committee meetings are held every week and are scheduled based on the best availability of the members. Loyd members may be on more than one committee as the meeting times permit. Committee members have the opportunity to take in the decision making, planning, coordination, and success of a specific committee.  Committees are run by a Director and report directly to the Commons Council President and works alongside RA Advisors for guidance and support.

Creativity Committee

Director – Tristan Prentice
RA Advisors – Ethan Decker & Michael Prappas

  • Promo/Swag Chair(s)
  • Hall Improvement Fund Proposals Chair(s)
  • Social Media Chair(s)

Friendship Committee

Director: Carter Davis
RA Advisors – Pedro Aragone & Lucy McCollom

  • Homecoming Chair(s)
  • RC Olympics Chair(s)
  • Family Weekend Chair(s)
  • Commons Cup Chair(s)
  • Intramurals Chair(s)
  • Traditions Chair(s)

Growth Committee

Director: Miranda Helm
RA Advisor – Pahno Georgeton & Holly McCuistion

  • Banquet Chair(s)
  • Diversity Chair(s)
  • Recognition/Birthday Chair(s)

Purpose Committee

Director: Lily Friday
RA Advisor – Lisa Suennen

  • Academics Chair(s)
  • Career Support Chair(s)
  • Values Chair(s)
  • Healthy Decisions Chair(s)
  • TEDxSMU Assistant(s)

Responsibility Committee

Director: Alicia Swart
RA Advisor: Lisa Scott

  • Relay for Life Chair(s)
  • Sustainability Chair(s)
  • Public Relations Chair(s)
  • Scrapbook Chair(s)


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Friendship Committee Members 2015-2016

Friendship Committee Members 2015-2016