Loyd Links and Peer Leaders serve as an integral part of the experience of Loyd residents.  By providing overall personal and academic support and resources for first year students, the Loyd Links help ensure that our first year students get connected academically.


Loyd Links provide a strong connection between members of Loyd Commons and their academic college at SMU. Throughout the year Loyd Links will provide  opportunities for resource sharing between students in the same college and engagement and networking with faculty. Even if you are undecided, the Loyd Links will be able to help you!

Honors Mentor

The goal of the Honors Mentors is to build relationships with first-year Honors program (UHP) students and strengthen the overall Honors community. Honors Mentors help welcome the Honors residents to Loyd and provide opportunities throughout the school year for Honors students in Loyd to engage and interact.


The Peer Academic Leader works with Loyd members to provide academic and curricular resources. The PAL works directly with the university Advising office to understand campus resources such as how to prepare for your advising appointments as well as how to maneuver the university curriculum.

Student Wellness Champion

The Student Wellness Champion is committed to keeping the SMU student body well-informed about health and wellness topics that are relevant to college students in a positive, interactive, fun, and nonjudgmental manner.