2016-2017 Loyd Commons Council Executive Board

  • President: *Sydney Patterson, Class of 2019
  • Chief of Staff: Sam Jacobson, Class of 2019
  • Director of Creativity: Tristan Prentice, Class of 2019
    • Creativity Committee RA Advisors: Ethan Decker & Michael Prappas
  • Director of Friendship: Carter Davis, Class of 2019
    • Friendship Committee RA Advisors: Pedro Aragone & Lucy McCollom
  • Director of Growth: Miranda Helm, Class of 2019
    • Growth Committee RA Advisors: Pahno Georgeton & Holly McCuistion 
  • Director of Purpose: Lily Friday, Class of 2019
    • Purpose Committee RA Advisor: Lisa Suennen
  • Director of Responsibility: Lisa Scott, Class of 2018 (Fall); Alicia Swart, Class of 2020 (Spring)
    • Purpose Committee RA Advisor: Margie Anderson (Fall); Lisa Scott (Spring)
* Denotes second year Executive
Left to right: Tristan Prentice, Miranda Helm, Sydney Patterson, Lily Friday, Alicia Swart, Carter Davis, Sam Jacobson

Left to right: Tristan Prentice, Miranda Helm, Sydney Patterson, Lily Friday, Alicia Swart, Carter Davis, Sam Jacobson

Accomplishments of the Council Executive Board:

Accomplishments by Committee:

  • Creativity Committee
    • Organized numerous Hall Improvement Fund Proposals to get additional amenities for Loyd totalling over ____.
      • Snow Cone Machine
      • Moving First Floor Lounge TV to center of wall
      • New Pool Cues & Chalk
    • Organized the second annual Painting with a Twist Study Break.
    • Organized an Easter Egg Hunt.
    • Selected Loyd Swag - Loyd sweatpants and Loyd cellphone wallets.
  • Friendship Committee
  • Growth Committee
    • Organized and coordinated efforts for Relay for Life Team - was the highest fundraising commons with nearly $1500 in donations. Fundraising efforts included a donation drive in the fall, penny war, Pie a Ty penny war, and Loyd Latte's during the event.
    • Organized four Loyd Banquets and was the first to incorporate themes into the banquets.
    • Organized Angel Tree donations - collected enough donations to provide 10 children with Angel Tree presents
    • Organized birthday treats to recognize monthly birthdays.
    • Organized Holiday Decorating including a Halloween Decorating Competition and Floor Christmas Decorating Competition.
    • Organized a Slumber Party study break.
  • Purpose Committee
    • Organized a Career Fair prep presentation using Career Ambassadors from the Hegi Family Career Development Center.
    • Organized Study Snacks carts each semester to provide snacks to residents during finals.
    • Organized Study Session opportunities for residents in common classes.
    • Organized TED Talk events collaborating with TEDxSMU.
    • Organized a Nutrition night utilizing the Campus Dining Dietician.