Dr. Alice Kendrick & her husband Kevin Kendrick join the Loyd Family as our new Faculty in Residence for the 2016-2017 school year!

As the intellectual leader of Loyd Commons, the Loyd Faculty in Residence takes on the responsibility to be:

  • Someone who uses reasoning & understanding to find truth
  • Someone who thinks critically and teaches others how to do the same
  • Someone who is willing to help you talk through issues – help find solutions, but not just give you solutions
  • Someone who enacts an “apprenticing” model – showing students how to set an example
  • Someone who is a servant leader
  • Someone who acts as a “thought provoker” by encouraging others to seek out answers that may lead to more questions
  • Someone who is a proactive leader and takes the time to meet students where they are and not wait for students to come to them
  • Someone who establishes a strong presence in Loyd and instills pride in Loyd Commons
  • Someone who is not afraid to be wrong and asks for help

The Loyd Faculty in Residence works closely with the rest of the Loyd Leadership Team to develop a mindset that seeks live out the motto and values. 

Alice Kendrick, Ph.D. is Marriott Professor of Advertising in the Temerlin Advertising Institute at Southern Methodist University where she teaches research and strategy courses.  She holds a B.A. and M.A. in Journalism from Louisiana State University and a Ph.D. in Communications from The University of Tennessee. 

Her research interests include nation branding and public diplomacy, promotional strategies and higher education.  She has published more than 60 articles in national and international academic and trade publications and currently serves as co-editor of the Journal of Advertising Education. 

Kendrick is the recipient of the Carl Rosenfeld Prize for her research on promotional products, the Distinguished Advertising Educator Award from the American Advertising Federation and the Billy I. Ross Award from the American Academy of Advertising for her contributions to education and research.  At SMU she was named Teacher/Scholar of the Year in 2015, has received the Meadows Distinguished Teaching Award and was named HOPE Professor for five years. 

The author of three books, Kendrick received the Great Minds Research Innovation Award from the Advertising Research Foundation for her contribution to a co-authored work (with Jami Fullerton) titled Advertising’s War on Terrorism:  The Story of the US State Department’s Shared Values Initiative (Marquette Books, 2006).  She is a member of the National Advertising Review Board, where she chairs adjudicative panels for national advertisers, and has served on the Mosaic Multicultural Advisory Board of the American Advertising Federation and the Research Advisory Board of the US Corporation for Travel Promotion (now Brand USA).

She is married to Kevin Kendrick, an SMU engineering graduate who works in land development.  They have a son, Jay, who graduated Stephen F. Austin University and lives and works in East Texas, and a daughter, Sara, who graduated SMU Lyle School of Engineering in 2015 and is currently on a Fulbright Fellowship in Scotland.  The family spends many weekends at a cabin on an East Texas lake because it reminds them of their home state of Louisiana, and because it is home to Kevin’s massive barbeque pit.

In 1986, when Kevin was working at a civil engineering firm in Dallas and Alice was a new assistant professor at SMU, students introduced them to each other in an interesting turn of events. Kevin and Alice have been paying it back, and forward, to students ever since.