In the first couple years of existence, Loyd Commons has worked to develop traditions that we hope to last for many years to come. New initiatives are being introduced every year and it is up to the members of Loyd to make them into traditions!

Loyd Banquets & Pinning Ceremony

The Loyd Pinning Ceremony was one of the first traditions established by Loyd Commons. You can learn more about the Pinning Ceremony and Pinning Families in that section.


Loyd Events

Loyd has implemented numerous events in its first couple years that have laid a strong foundation on which strong traditions can be built. Events include the following:

  • Loyd Luau
  • Family Weekend & Homecoming
  • Intramural Participation 
  • Weekend Movie Nights every Friday & Saturday
  • Loyd Live
  • Loyd on the Lane with TEDxSMU
  • Holiday Decorating
  • Luck of the Loydians
  • Relay for Life - highest fundraising commons/community ever raising over $1000 in 2016
  • Sophomore Send-off 


Loyd Annual Awards

The Loyd Annual Awards have been given out at the final banquet of each school year. These awards recognize the direct contributions to Loyd Commons of seven members. The five Values Awards are given to a member that has contributed a lot to the commons related to a specific value. The Paul B. Loyd, Jr. Man of the Year Award and Penny Requa Loyd Woman of the Year Award are both given to members that have gone above and beyond what is expected in contributing to the success of Loyd Commons. The recipients of the Man and Woman of the Year Awards have exemplified all five values as well as lived out the Loyd Motto.


LOYD customization

Loyd has filled its halls with items chosen and created by Loyd members. All artwork in the community is created by Loyd members - there is no commercial art anywhere in the building.   Additionally, the Council has worked over the past two years to get nearly $40,000 approved to purchase additional items for the community to make it more comfortable for its members. These new items include a piano for the lounge, large rugs for the first floor lounge, large dry erase boards for all of the study rooms, a movie theatre style popcorn machines, a Wii U system, building supplies to build custom shelves, desks, and tables, pool table, the artwork framing, and a custom entry rug to name a few. It has become a tradition that Loyd members take the lead in shaping how the community spaces are developed.