Loyd Motto

Inspiring Community through Service

The Loyd motto was inspired by the Loyd family’s commitment to service and philanthropy. Each of the five core values plays into how residents will live out their SMU experience as being part of the Loyd Family.

LOYD Values

To create a foundation for the trajectory of Loyd, the planning team established five core values for residents of Loyd – creativity, friendship, growth, purpose, responsibility.

  • Creativity – Embracing the richness that our innate originality and imagination can bring to all situations

  • Friendship – Trust, understanding, and respect between individuals that positively contributes to Loyd and the broader SMU community

  • Growth – The continual discovery of self, others, and the world

  • Purpose – Resolving to actively pursue and discover one’s beliefs and values

  • Responsibility – Fulfilling duties and fostering relationships with passion and virtue

LOYD Crest

The five L-beams in the top half of the Loyd crest represent the five Loyd values. The plants on the bottom half of the crest were selected by SMU Integrated Marketing to represent the wildgrass and bluebonnets planted around the George W. Bush Presidential Center next door to Loyd Commons.

LOyd mascot


Tina, the Llama

Tina the Llama was selected as the mascot for Loyd Commons in the 2017-2018 school year. The Loyd Creativity Committee took several years to select a mascot symbolized and embodied the values of Loyd Commons. You will see Tina represented throughout the community.